Monday, January 13, 2014

North Pole Breakfast!

Our elf made a grand entrance at our house this year!  He brought reindeer donuts, hot chocolate and tickets to see Frozen! 

The look on A's face made all my hard work worth it! She was so excited!  Her excitement was probably over the powdered donuts but still....

He was excited too! 

And him! 

We read the book and named our elf!  When I asked them what they wanted to name him Brooks said, "Amen."  and Ava said, "Yeah, Amen!"  So his name is Amen.  

Movie time! 

They were so excited!  

Like, Christmas morning excited! 

Frozen Tickets!!!

I could just eat them up! 

Happy Dance!

Love 'em! 
We met Gigi at the movies and they gave their homemade tickets to the movie lady.  We ate popcorn and drank Sprite and we all really liked the movie!  I wish I could say Amen did lots of neat things every night but honestly I forgot to move him half of the time!  I also wish I could say Amen scared them into acting like perfect angels for the month of December but that didn't happen either.  Every time I told them Amen was watching them they would look at the little doll and keep doing what they were doing! ha Maybe next year! 

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