Monday, January 20, 2014

Santa Train With Friends!

We love trains and we love Santa so we decided to go on the Santa train for a second time when our friends from school invited us!  

Daddy didn't go this time so it was just the babies and me! 


Love these boys!

Cutie Pie!

Poor A was feeling rough.  We ended up at the doctor that afternoon.  She just had a little virus!  Poor baby! 

So excited to be on a train! 

The kids and their buddies! They had so much fun!  Thanks for inviting us Anna and Harrison!


An elf asked if anyone would like to lead the train in Jingle Bells and guess who volunteered?! This boy loves to sing! 

Gigi/Amen brought the babies a gift every day for the twelve days before Christmas and they got to open umbrellas the day of the Santa train which was perfect since it was raining outside!  Ava loves her leopard Hello Kitty umbrella!  She carries it everywhere!  Thanks Amen and Gigi for all of our gifts! 

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