Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Santa Train!

We had tickets to ride on the Santa train with all of our friends.  Then the snow storm from hell happened and we weren't sure we were going to make it!  We were all so ready to get out of the house that we braved the snow and ice and went to the train!  Once we got there they told us the train was full (even though I had the tickets for two months) and that we needed to wait for forty five minutes for the next train.  B let some expletives fly and I started begging.  Finally they let us on.  

My boys at the train station. 

Knoxie busting a move!

My teenager refusing to hold any ones hand because she thinks she is too cool.

Look who was on the train,  Santa Claus!  Brooks was a little nervous at first!

"Look at the snow Momma!"

Insert emoji heart here...

Love these guys!

They loved the choo choo train.  It was so pretty in the snow.  

Just striking a pose!

We were in a winter wonderland!  Actually just a winter Springdale. 

Santa and Ava.  

We met all of our buddies for pizza/arcade fun after the train ride!  

How cute are these little buddies?!

They look like they are at least five right?!


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