Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas in Dumas

The weekend before Christmas we went to Dumas to celebrate with B's family! 

B helping Brooksy open his gifts!

A new hat!

I can't remember why Knox was naked but he got a new Hulk! 

Alex helped Ava open her gifts! She kept this Miley Cyrus hat on all week.  It was Miley back in her good Disney days... Don't worry! 

Stick 'em up!

A new rifle so he can go duck hunting with daddy!

The ducks should be scared..

New robes too! How cute does Knoxy look?!

Saturday the entire family came to B's parent's house to celebrate Christmas and his grandparents 60th wedding anniversary!  It was a full house!

Ava and Nana

Horsey rides!

Heather and Ava

Brooksy and me!

My girl!

It rained all day during the party and the lights went out!  They were out all afternoon and night! 
A was checking out the rain in the dark!

We went out to dinner to get out of the dark! 

Mr Attitude!

Who are the kids sitting on the floor in the middle of the restaurant?!  Oh those would be mine.... 

Little Cuties!

We saw so many people we knew at Taylors.  I ran into a friend from high school and her sweet daughter!  We tried to snap a picture of the kids!  I'm not sure where the other two went!  They were a little wild since they hadn't napped or gone to bed on time in three days! 
We had a good trip!  We ate lots of good food, the kids got so many fun toys and had so much fun playing with their cousins and family!

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