Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thanksgiving Number Two

Thanksgiving day we went to Bob's house for lunch! 

The first thing we do when we get to Bob and Jenny's is go check for eggs! 

We found an egg!  

And then we broke it five minutes later!  ha 

Thank goodness no shave November is over with! 

Helping Bob in the kitchen!

My boy! I swear I think he's gotten bigger since I took this picture! He's growing up too fast!

2/3rds of my boys!

This boy!

Kiki and A!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Elliotts!!

Pac Man champ!

Just telling Bob a few secrets! 

A little football (Knox) and falling in the pool (Brooks).  It's never boring when we are around! 

Then we all watched Carol's small screen debut!  

We are really proud of Kiki! 

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