Friday, January 10, 2014

Lights on the Square!

We missed the lighting of the square.  It was just too cold!  We decided to kick of the Christmas season with a trip to the square with Gigi! 

Checking out the reindeer!  This was about as close as we got!  Apparently everyone in Fayetteville wanted to see the reindeer that night too! 

Next we went to check out the camels!  Love these three! 

A decided she wanted to ride a camel!  

So.... We rode a camel! Brooks decided he wanted to ride too at the last minute!

Do I win Mommy of the year for this?  I'm afraid of heights and the camel was pretty high! And, we might have contracted lice from these sketchy helmets! But the kids loved it and isn't that what it's all about?! 

Now on to the ponies!  

Picture time!  This always goes so well! 

We checked out the lights too! 
Love this boy!

This boy too! 

Thanks for a fun night Gigi! 

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