Thursday, February 2, 2012

9 Months

My new favorite picture!

None of the babies have tried a food they don't like! They will eat anything I put in front of them! They are little eating machines! They still take 4-8oz bottles a day but the boys have started crying for more after they drain their bottles so we are going to up their solid food. Brooks is the fastest eater! They take a bottle at 8 or 9am when they wake up and then have their breakfast around 10am which is usually fruit mixed with yogurt or steel cut oats. We are about to try eggs! They take another bottle at 12pm, another around 4pm, eat dinner at 6pm which is usually a orange veggie mixed with a green veggie and lately a little baby food meat mixed in for protein. Then their night time bottle at 7:30! They are starting to eat more and more table food! They are very interested in what we are eating and have started opening their mouths for bites! This month they have tried french fries, waffles, greek salad, oranges, pizza dip, and mum mums. They are also sitting in their high chairs more and more. The only problem is when they are all three in their seats at the same time they get distracted with each other and they get impatient waiting for their turn! We have gone out to eat more lately and they have been sitting in high chairs at restaurants. They are typically pretty good at restaurants. Especially Brooks! Ava and Knox keep me busy because they want bites! I hope they continue to be great eaters! That will make my job as a cook much easier!

They are still such good sleepers! They go to bed every night at 8pm on the dot and wake up between 8:30 and 9am. Occasionally they will take a short morning nap around 11am but lately they have been skipping this nap and going down for a long nap around 2pm. They usually wake up around 4:30 or 5pm. I think we are finally establishing a nap schedule! The boys are sleeping in their own rooms in their own cribs at night and for naps! They are using a sound machine and it has made such a big difference! They never wake each other up anymore. Ava is still sleeping in her basket next to my bed. She can pretty much crawl out of it but she loves her little basket! I think she is going to be so sad to see it go one day! We still just put them in their beds and they just roll over and go to sleep. They all sleep on their stomachs! Ava still likes to press her nose against the side of the basket. It's hilarious! I don't know why she does that!

Gosh, they have so many new tricks! I feel like in the past two weeks they have grown up so much! They are so much more active and play together all of the time! Ava waves and says hi constantly. She loves to play peek a boo, she says mama, dada, baba, and when I pick her up out of her basket in the morning she will occasionally point to the door to tell me she is ready to go downstairs to have her bottle! She has the funniest crawl I have ever seen! B calls it her wounded soldier crawl. She drags herself all over this house! She is pretty fast too! She is able to keep up with the boys even! Eventually the boys are going to be faster than her and I don't think she is going to like being left behind so I think she will probably either start walking soon or learn how to crawl like they do to she can keep up with them! They have all started fighting over toys too! Especially the remote and my cell phone! Brooks and Knox are both crawling everywhere now! Brooks is even pulling up to a standing position. Knox stands on his knees a lot but hasn't stood up all of the way. They have a toy car that honks and drives itself and they follow that thing wherever it goes! So cute! Knox says Mama, Dada, and Hi. Brooks just says Mama, Dada and baby talk. They both shake their head "No" all of the time! I don't know how we got that started! The boys can also hold their own bottles! Sometimes this is good thing and sometimes it drives me crazy because they pull their bottles out of their mouths all of the time! Knox has started finding Ava's pacis she has dropped and putting them in his mouth. This might be a problem! He might end up using a pacifier after all! Knox loves to give kisses to Ava and me. He is very selective on who gets them which is fine with me! I'm a little bit of a germophobe and I like to keep the kissing and spit swapping to a minimum! Brooks is such a smart boy. One day I was holding him and I was blowing in his face and he started copying me and blowing in my face. It is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen! He thinks it is hilarious! Brooks is definitely the most accident prone though. He falls and hits his head a lot or if one of the other babies messes with him he gets upset! But, he is the first one to crawl all over Ava and Knox! They still spend the majority of their time playing in the living room. I just bring out new toys every day! Every day is like Christmas around here! Their favorite toys are there piano, their keys, the drum, elmo, the remote, my cellphone, the car, and the zebra. They like their walkers too. I feel like they are always running into something and getting stuck though! Oh and they love story time! They like to touch the books and try to turn the pages! I can't wait to see what they do next month!

The babies still love bath time. They still takes baths in the sink but they are also sitting up in the bathtub in their playroom. I think they like taking baths in the bath tub so they have more room to play with their toys. Occasionally if B is home to help I will put the boys in the tub together! They love to splash and play together! We had to switch to Cetaphil bath wash for Knox because his skin was so dry and scaly. I miss the Johnsons baby smell and the suds! Cetaphil doesn't make any bubbles! Oh well, his skin looks so much better! We also use Vani cream which is so thick! I completely cover him! The other two are still using Johnsons products. Oh and we bathe them every single day unless they haven't left the house that day and I'm feeling really lazy!

I haven't bought a lot of clothes lately but, when I do shop, I am buying 12-18 or 18-24. Ava is definitely in 12-18. The boys are a little bigger. The only problem with some of their 18 month clothes is that the arms are a little long. I'm still squeezing them in some 9 month clothes that I am too sad to pack away! They are all wearing size three shoes but I am buying size four for spring and summer.

Ava still has pretty blue eyes with long black eyelashes. She is still skinny and I think she is getting longer every day! She still has her mommy's big feet and she is still my tannest little baby. B and I argue over who she looks like! He thinks she looks like him but I just don't see it! ha A lot of people think Ava and Knox look alike. So I say she looks more like me! She is getting so much more hair! She still doesn't have a lot, but what she does have is light brown and straight! Brooks is still my little whitey! He has big blue eyes and the prettiest full lips! I'm jealous of those lips! He is so long and skinny! His little hands and feet are huge too! He still doesn't have much hair but what he does have is pretty red! I just can't wait until he has more! I don't know who he looks like either! He definitely has my eyes and B's coloring but other than that he is a mixture! Knox is the easiest! He is his mommy with his dad's mouth! He is getting so much more hair! It's very dark and straight! I'm glad none of them have my curly hair so far! His eyes are an in between color right now. They are a greenish brown but I have a feeling they will get darker as he gets older!

Knox is still toothless! I don't even feel any bumps! He has a lot of catching up to do! Ava has two bottom teeth and one top tooth is about to pop through! Dr A said it looks like she is going to get four top teeth at the same time! Brooks has the most teeth! He looks so old with so many teeth! He has two bottom teeth and one top tooth. His other front top tooth is about to push through any day now! I couldn't even tell they were getting more teeth. They didn't act differently or fussy at all! Thank goodness.

Length-28inches 60th percentile
Weight-17lbs 8oz 25th percentile
Head-17.2 60th percentile

Length- 28 1/4 inches 50th percentile
Weight-18lbs 7oz 20th percentile
Head-18 60th percentile

Length-27.5 really 27 3/4 25th percentile
Weight-18lbs 7oz 20th percentile
Head-17 3/4 50th percentile

You are the funniest baby I know! Your little personality is hilarious! I bet we say a million times a day, "Oh my gosh, she is a little mess." You definitely keep us all laughing and entertained all day long! You are still the nosiest little girl I know! You know what's going on everywhere with everyone! I think Layla might be your favorite person in the world. You laugh at Layla all of the time! She tries to stay as far away from you as she can! I hear your little fake cry a million times a day! Especially when Gigi comes over! You don't stop until she's picks you up and she is not allowed to put you down! We basically hear your fake cry when you want attention! You love your daddy! You still are his biggest fan! You love playing your piano too. You give us daily concerts! You also like your walker and your drum. Oh and Elmo too! Your army crawl is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. You drag yourself all over this house! Usually to get to a toy. You still love your baths and you love to splash your mommy! You love to get dressed up and your are still our little flirt! We definitely know when you are feeling cute! You still sleep in your basket next to our bed. That way if you wake up and need Mr Frog and I can just roll over and put him in your mouth! You still love Mr Frog btw... Usually only at night or when you are really sleepy or fussy. I love to wake up to your little voice every morning. You love to talk! I always take you downstairs first in the morning and then I bring your brothers and you get sooo excited to see them when I carry them in! You laugh and squeal! I love that you love your brothers! Y'all all play together so well now. Sometimes you and Knoxie fight over toys! It's actually pretty cute though! We love you so much Ava! You are our little princess!

Brooksy you are the sweetest, cutest little guy I know. We just can't get enough of you! You are the happiest baby. You smile constantly. I can't believe how big you've gotten! You look so grown up with your three little teeth! Especially when your crawling! You also stand up with your booty in the air. Kind of a downward dog pose! It's pretty funny! You've also pulled up all of the way! I think you are ready to walk! You are a little lover! You love to snuggle your mommy! You just look sweet (and you are!). We have so much fun every night before you go to bed. You get super funny when you are sleepy! You love to blow in my face! You think it's so funny. I think it's pretty funny too! Your little laugh is so cute! I love to hear it! You still love to watch tv. It drives your dad crazy that you watch morning talk shows with me! ha I think your favorite thing to watch is football though! That makes him happy! You love to wrestle with your brother but the second he messes with you you get a little mad! You love your toys! You always have something in your hand! You are my best little eater. You can finish a bottle in no time! After every bottle your little lip starts quivering and you shiver. It's so sad! I think you give yourself a brain freeze from drinking your bottle too fast! You also gobble your food down! You will eat anything! You are always such a good boy when we take you out to eat too! I think you just love getting out of the house so you can look around and watch everyone! Your little voice is so sweet. You never really yell you just talk to us! Brooks, we love you so much! You will always be my little Brooksy bear!

Oh Knoxie, we love you. You are so freaking funny! You are happy, content, and just goofy! You are my little snuggler! You still love your mommy and your thumb! Right now you only suck your thumb when you are sleepy. I still think it's so cute! You are such a little sweetie. I caught you sharing your mum mum with Ava the other day. It was probably the sweetest thing I have ever seen. She wanted a bite so you handed it to her, she took a bite, and then handed it back to you. I love that you love your brother and sister so much! You talk your little head off all of the time! Sometimes it's a yell, sometimes it's a growl and sometimes you just talk. You love when I growl back at you! It's our little game. We play it lots! You can sit and play by yourself forever! Sometimes we call you our little loner! You really concentrate on your toys! Your favorite thing to do is dump out the basket full of diapers. You do this multiple times a day! You also like to pull out all of the wipes and stuff them in your mouth! Mommy doesn't like that game! I'm excited you can crawl but it makes me a little sad because that means you are growing up! I don't want my babies to grow up! You can move all over the house now! You are in to everything! You still love your food and love your bottle! You get so excited for meal time! It's pretty funny! You also love getting out of the house and you love a party! Your still my little party animal! You clap for everything and everybody! It's so cute! You are still such a good little sleeper. You get so excited when I get you out of the crib in the morning! I love that. You give kisses to Ava and me and it melts my heart every time you do! I love your sloppy kisses! Knox we love you so much. You put a smile on our faces every day!

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