Tuesday, February 21, 2012


-I swear a day after I posted about my love for Hot Cheetos I read an article on the Internet about how they are banning them in schools! Apparently they are literally addictive. If I could find a link to the article I would post it! It said something like they give kids a high??? Something about the heat gives a boost of endorphins... So I guess I really am addicted and it's not my fault!

-Last week Christina came over to visit and I made her give me a hair lesson. My hair has looked the same my entire life so I decided I wanted a way to switch it up. She taught Caroline and me how to do big waves. I have been practicing every day on the waves! It took B about two days to notice my curls and he said, "What's up with your hair?" I told him I got a perm and my hair would look like that for the next three months.... He just rolled his eyes. I'm not sure he is a fan! ha When I was getting ready Saturday (we were going to the horse races) I asked him if I should curl it again and he said, "This is what you have been building up for isn't it!" haha I guess he thought I had been practicing the curls for a big reveal at the races!

-I have completely fallen off the diet coke wagon. I'm not going to go back to a diet coke a day I am just going to drink them when it is absolutely necessary! I just have too much to do and I need the extra boost of caffeine! One cup of coffee a day just wasn't cutting it!

-I have been such a picture slacker. I don't know what my problem is! I'm not going to have any pictures to document February! I think I have just been too busy to grab my phone or my camera!

-I am so excited about Razorback baseball and Wedington Liquor Softball! I really can't wait to take the babies to all of the games! I want to get the babies little baseball uniforms complete with the legging things!ha How cute would that be?

-I have been so tired lately! I think I have S.A.D. Seasonal Whatever disorder. It's not even cold but it just looks so dreary! I'm ready to see the sun again!

-Jennifer and I just caught Ava sitting in front of Layla barking. It was hilarious. She LOVES that dog.

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The Dolans said...

No lie, we used to one vending machine at school that was just strictly hot cheetos!! (which is almost 200 bags). They had to fill it every two days!! Then famously Huckabee changed the vending machine world. One of my students had BAKED hot cheetos in class on Monday, I had a minifreak-out. The kids said they had been around forever but I had never seen them...they were super delicious!!