Thursday, February 9, 2012

Go Rebels Go!

A few weeks ago we went to Fort Smith to watch Cali perform at the Southside/Northside basketball game! We ate dinner at Georges and then went to the game. I wish I had taken pictures of the performance but they turned off all the lights in the gym and the girls wore glow in the dark costumes! They did a great job. Their routine was really good! PS-I did a little cheer for the babies the other day (a Billie cheer of course) and I was so out of breath by the end of it! Like panting! It was pathetic! I might have to pull out the old pom poms and do that more often for exercise! The babies thought it was hilarious! I'm sure I did look pretty goofy!

Cali and Ava!
Ava says, "Go Rebels Go!"
Towards the end of the game Knoxie got a little sleepy and the thumb came out!
Brooks with his serious face! He was really into the game! ha
-I tried to dress the boys in Rebel colors! I don't think the blue is the right shade though!
We left before the game was over and I forgot to find out who ended up winning! I think when we left Southside was in the lead! It was a fun, family, Friday night!

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Emily! said...

Matt would be so proud of the Southside support! If you are out of breath doing a cheer, you have GOT to try zumba..cheer-arobics for an hour!