Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to my blog!

I just realized I have been blogging for a year! I wrote my first post a year ago on Caroline's couch in LR! I thought the babies would be born any day at that time! So glad they didn't make their appearance until two months later (in Fayetteville). I really can't believe I have continued to blog. My goal at first was a post a month once they were born! So far I've written 259 posts! I'm pretty impressed with myself! I really don't know why I keep blogging! Maybe because:

1. This is the only way I will keep up with the babies milestones.
2.It's the only reason I take pictures..I always think "Oh, I need to take a picture of this for the blog

3. My brain is mush. I don't even want to admit how many times I have had to look back at the blog for important information (like birth weights, when they started crawling etc.)
4.I sit in a house with babies that can't talk all day and I feel like I'm talking to my friends when I'm typing these posts

5.I pretend its a job and I try not to let myself get behind! "B, you have to put them to bed! I'm busy working!" (on the blog!) haha

6.I am such a blog stalker and I hate when my friends are slackers (Sarah, Allison, Emily hint hint) and I don't have new posts to read! I use to love checking blogs in the middle of the night when I was feeding!
7.I'm going to make a blog book. One day. When I have an extra three hours to sit down and actually do it!

This was my first post. Wow! How times have changed! Poor Coco and Layla.... So neglected now! Oh, and my pictures are still terrible! Funny I thought I would have time to take a photography class after I had the babies.

It is actually laughable that I am going to try to blog... I am not good at things like this. I have had a nice camera for 2.5 years and have not printed one single picture off of it. I'm also computer illiterate.. I was on myspace for about 2 months and during that time I managed to post my entire wedding album on all of my friends' pages. oops! I'm hoping this will be different! Fingers Crossed! If not, I think I will hand the password over to Caroline and she can be my blogger! She is the writer in the family so there would be fewer typos and misspelled words for sure! The only reason I'm even attempting this is so the trips will have some record of their lives! I definitely don't see myself sitting down cutting out construction paper for a scrapbook! This has to be easier! Right??? So please be patient. This could be my one and only post or maybe I will surprise myself and post every day! haha-that was a joke.
Pictures make everything better so I thought I would include the first two pictures I took with my camera. Btw, Im completely aware that the obsession I have with my dogs is abnormal. Brandon and I have already discussed that we cannot spoil our kids like we have spoiled the dogs! Two spoiled brats is enough. There's no way I could handle five!
PS-Be patient with the picture quality too! I'm definitely not a photographer! I have a nice camera (thanks B!) but I can turn it on, snap a pic, and sometimes upload them to my computer without pulling out the manual. That's about it. I signed up for a class at Bedfords but never actually attended. Maybe one day! Or I might just make Caroline take the class for me and be my personal photographer! haha

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Lexie said...

Hey Michelle! Happy one year of blogging. I just started blogging myself and have no idea what I'm doing. I love reading your blog and catching up on baby news. If you're bored and want to check out mine (it's all about my dog) the link is It's not nearly as entertaining (or as cute) as yours, but I'm working on it!

-Lexie (Catsavis) Mitchell