Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Here comes the mini bride!

Ava is going to be a professional flower girl by the time she is two. She has a very busy schedule for the next few years! My mom had a garage sale with a friend several months ago and her friend was selling a Monique Lhuillier flower girl dress. She just gave it to my mom and we thought Ava could use it as a dress up dress if nothing else! It's really pretty and in great shape! Ava is going to be in my cousins wedding in November so when Christina came over to visit we let Ava try on the dress and get a little practice in! It's crazy to think she is going to be walking down an aisle sprinkling flowers in 9 months and right now she can't even walk!

She looks like a little bride! Oh, and it doesn't have long sleeves, those are her pj's! ha
My little princess!
I'm already getting a little nervous about my three walking down an aisle together! Well I'm really just nervous about Knox.. and since Ava does whatever he does it could be bad!

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