Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ava's Birthday Party

I still can't believe my babies are two! I told myself that this year I was doing one party and that was it.  Of course I ended up having three again.  I just think they need their own little celebrations!  For Ava's party we went to Glitter Box with all of her girlie's for pedicures!  A loves getting pedicures!  I think she likes the snacks they give you while you are getting your nails done! 

Usually she doesn't like sticking her feet in the water but I guess she is really growing up because she put them right in!  A is such a little tiny!  She wore her birthday dress from last year!  If it fits again next year I might start getting worried! 

Lyla and her mommy!

Graham made an appearance at the party too!  No pedicure for him though! 

Such big girls!  Ava choose pink of course!

I love her little baby feet!

Caroline is showing off her purple toes! 

She had so much fun with her friends! 

Showing Madeline her pink toes!

Ellison and Alicia!

The girls!

After our pedicures we all went back to our house for lunch!  Gigi made such a good lunch for all of us!  

Ava's Birthday Cake! 

Playing us a little song on her new baby grand from Aunt Lauren and Scott! 

The girls lunches made by Gigi!  Butterfly and Crown sandwiches!

Gigi and A!

Ladies who lunch!

Happy Birthday to you Miss Ava! 

My Rock star!

Ava and Nanna

Present Time! It was so cute how Ava sat in her chair while her friends brought her their gifts!  

Beach toys from Caroline!  We can't wait to take them with us to play in the sand! 

Thanks for my new purse Lyla!

Showing off her new necklace from Aunt Karrie!

Ava's girly table! 
Ava had such a great birthday party!  She loved spending time with her friends doing girly things with no boys in sight (they went on a walk with Lally)! Thanks for celebrating with us everyone! 

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