Monday, May 27, 2013


I usually get the boys out of bed first after naps and then we all go get Ava.  Knox has started trying to climb in her bed every time we go in her room!  I really think he would love to sleep in the same crib as her! If Knox isn't in his crib though it really bothers Brooks and he yells for his brother! ha Maybe when we move them to big beds they can all sleep together! 

Testing out the group sleeping arrangement! 

Sweet kisses!  Brooks gives the best kisses!  Ava is very stingy with hers!  She thinks its hilarious to wipe off my kisses too! Little Stinker!

We took the babies to their first Wino Wednesday of the year! Brooks had so much fun swinging and running around! 

Mark even had bubbles which my kids went crazy over! 

He had lots of snacks too!  Knox loved that!

Dancing on the porch to a little George Michael!  The girl has some pretty funny moves!

A trip through the car wash!  A small improvement from last year! 

Coffee addict! I didn't start drinking coffee until I was 23!  She's starting young! 

The babies talk about Daddy being at work all of the time!  I thought we could surprise him one day with a little visit! He loves for us to come see him! This is a little glimpse of what my kids look like on a daily basis!  Random!  Ava is very opinionated about what she wears.  She loves hats and loves her rain boots.  Oh and she likes to wear her hat backwards!  Why hats Ava?  Why not bows?! 

The red boots are a size 5 and he wears a 7 or 8.  He doesn't seem to care! 

When I posted this on instagram I said that I was officially the person I use to judge.  The person who brings their kids in the liquor store wearing random clothes.  Thank goodness we didn't see too many people! 

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