Monday, May 13, 2013


I can no longer keep them contained.  They are all over our house these days!  They go up and down the stairs, are constantly in the pantry pulling out food, and hide in their rooms.  It's getting wild over here!  I want my money back for these gates! Knox watched Layla slip through the gates and then I think he taught Brooks.  

Looking good Knox. 

I would say Brooks won this fight. 

I think the terrible two's have arrived...  This is a common sight around here.  Any time Knox gets mad it ends with him flattening out on the floor. It's his signature move.  What's funny is we all just walk over him and pretend it's not happening.  Even Brooks and Ava just keep playing and pretend he isn't throwing a fit on the floor.  I have two very dramatic children! 

The bag of spinach Brandon bought for his smoothies....  We have been eating spinach salads, sauteed spinach, smoothies, etc...  I'm ready for the spinach to spoil! I think I'll do the shopping from now on! 

Too cool! 

This little guy doesn't like the loud blender in the morning!  He has started covering his little ears!  Love this boy! 


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