Friday, May 24, 2013


This is what it takes to get my car seats clean!  I have to take them to the car wash and hose them down! There were Cheerios stuffed in every little crevice! After I did this I made a no eating in the car rule.  That lasted about two days!

I hear "swing, swing" one million times a day! The babies love it! 

The higher and faster the better!

We had a baby come visit! The Brooks brought Dillon over and the babies were fascinated! They were pretty good with her! Brooks did throw a little toy at her.  I think he just wanted to give her something to play with! 

B was out of town all week so Gigi and I took the babies to lunch and to pick out birthday gifts!  We went to the John Deere store to pick up Brooks's new Ranger that Gigi bought him! He LOVED running around and looking at all of the tractors!  He's my little country boy! 

He got a new hat too! 

Ava took a few out for test drives too! 

After lunch we stopped at Toys R Us so Ava could pick out a new car too! 
How happy is Miss A?  The girl has expensive taste!

An Audi was more Brooksy's style!  Jessica P, we might be calling you in fourteen years!! 

Strapping his Teddy Bear in for a ride!  This boy loves stuffed animals.  Cuddly ones especially!

Ava took Knox for a little spin in her pink Escalade.  

Happy Birthday Emily! We all went to the Hive restaurant in Bentonville to celebrate Emily's birthday! I didn't think I was going to be able to make it at first!  B was out of town and I was home alone with the babies.  Right before I stepped in the shower our gas alarm went off.  It kept going off so I called the gas company and they told me I had to wake up the babies from their naps and we all had to sit outside and wait for someone to come check out our house.  To make a long story short our hot water heater had a little leak so I didn't have hot water for a few days.  Of course things like this always happen when B is out of town!  B you aren't allowed to leave again! 

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