Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Trip Home

I have had the worst luck lately with flights!  Our trip home kept getting delayed because of weather!  Nothing is worse than being stuck in an airport with a toddler that needs a nap! Ava dropped every single paci I gave her! I think this was probably the very last one!  I was scared to death she would drop it and then I wouldn't have one for the plane ride home!

I think at this point she was delirious!  She was rolling around on the ground of the Atlanta airport.  Disguisting!  Every time I picked her up she would collapse like a wet noodle.  Then when I would try to put her in her stroller she stiffened so I couldn't buckle her in!  Ha Real fun!  I couldn't wait to get her home and in the bath tub! 

She literally fell asleep as soon as we touched down in Fayetteville.  Of course! 
We had so much fun on our girls trip but we couldn't wait to get home and see our boys!  We missed them so much!  

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