Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lately 4

Ava and I had a little last minute girls day several weeks ago.  We had lots of party planning to do for her big birthday!  She was the only one awake when I left the house so she got to go with me!  I didn't even take the time to change her clothes!  When are kids too old to leave the house in pj's?  5? 12?  Just kidding!!  At least she had shoes on! First we stopped at Ricks for donuts and to pick out her birthday cake!   I'm not use to running errands with my kids in tow!  Even having one kid is hard work! She was all over the place!  I think the donuts hyped her up! 

Next we stopped at the farm store to pick up some buckets and they had baby chicks!  Ava was amazed!  I wish you could hear the funny things she was saying to the chicks!  Any time Ava sees a baby, baby animal, really anything that is small, she talks to it in a high pitched squeaky voice!  It's so funny!  I hope I don't do that though?!  I think we went to Wal-Mart after that and Ava lost it and I had to give her a bag of cookies to keep her quiet while I shopped.  Our girls day ended after that!  

This is the most cooking I have done in a year and I did it all in one day! Before I left for Florida I made five casseroles for B to feed the babies while I was gone! I even wrote a schedule out that said what vegetable went with each casserole!   I just had to make sure they weren't eating delivery pizza every night! ha  A friend of mine posted a picture of all of the clothes she had laid out for her husband to dress her daughter in when she was out of town for a weekend and she said something like, "I would love for this to mean I'm just a super organized mom that has everything together, but I think it really means I am a control freak." Ha I feel the exact same way!  

Enjoying the St Paddy's day parade during brunch at Bordinos on the balcony!  Totally unplanned but fun! We might have to do it again next year so my brunch friends (Karrie and Em) can enjoy a mimosa! 

Fashion week fun! 

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