Monday, May 6, 2013

Girl's Trip Day 1

Little A adapts to life at the beach pretty well!  She stayed up late every night and slept in (kind of), and then every morning she would make a coffee run with Gigi or me!  She loves her stroller!  It's pretty funny!  She was always excited about getting in it to go for a stroll!

After we had our coffee it was time for the beach!  The weather was so pretty!  the water was crystal clear too!  Every day before we went to the beach Ava would have to put on her necklace and bracelets.  My girl loves her accessories!  She also wanted to wear her new pink flip flops or neon pink sandals...  She definitely knows what she wants!  The water was pretty chilly so she didn't get too close to that but she had fun in the sand! 

Building a sand mansion

Just checking out some hotties in the water!

I think Ava will love having her brothers at the beach with her.  She is used to having two friends with her at all times!  She did try to make new friends but I think they were a little old.  They were digging a big hole and Ava couldn't help much! ha

She is obsessed with sunscreen!  I'm not surprised because she loves lotion too!  I think she went through an entire bottle of sunscreen in one day! 

She doesn't rub it in either.  Oh and you can't help her!  Miss Independent!

 Sunglasses like mommy!

Silly girl! 

I had quite the bag of tricks to keep this girl occupied when we were out and about!  She had markers, paci's, suckers, you name it she had it!  I can't complain though because she acted pretty good everywhere we went! 

Dinner at the Red Bar!  Ava loved the band!  I think she loved the food too if I remember correctly! ha  

Nothing cuter than a baby Maxi dress! ha 

We had a great first day at the beach! 

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