Friday, May 17, 2013

Bunny Pics and School Easter Party

Caroline and I took the babies to the mall to meet Noah for lunch and to have their picture made with the Easter Bunny! 

We did a little pre-bunny photo shoot!  I'm glad I did because their bunny picture wasn't exactly a framer this year!

I could just eat these two up!  Ava is wearing a dress Gigi smocked for Caroline when she was a baby!  Thank goodness Ava is miniature and it fit!

Waving to the bunny!  She LOVED the bunny from afar...

Ava didn't exactly love him up close! ha  I think the boys just thought he was weird! Oh well, maybe next year I will get a smiling picture! 

I can't believe this was a year ago!  They have grown up so much!  I also noticed the mall has upgraded the bunny's outfit!

I snapped this picture before their Easter party at school.  Knox just isn't a morning person! After I took  this picture I thought to myself, "Knox seems to cry a lot in the morning.." Then I did a little research and found this...

In order...Easter party, Valentine's Day party, first day of school,  Halloween party....  He comes by it honestly, I hate getting up early!  B has to basically drag me out of bed every morning!  We have all learned to never wake Knox up.  He has to wake up on his own and he needs a good thirty minutes in his crib to wake up completely.  If he gets that he is the happiest guy in the world.  If you wake him up it's usually a complete disaster...See pics below...

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