Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Baylon!

Baylon had a super hero birthday party! It was so much fun!  They had to wear superhero costumes so the boys wore their Batman shirts and Ava wore a Super Woman dress!   

My little Batman!  

My kids have no idea that it's not nice to take things from other people!  They are so used to taking each others toys and food that they do it to other people too!  That is something we need to work on! ha Poor Emory! 

 Partying it up! 

Looking good Knoxie!


Someone gave Baylon this Razorback for his birthday.  Knox stole it and carried it around everywhere!  He was obsessed with it!  He hugged it, kissed it, such a little sweetie!  I think the Easter bunny might bring him his very own Razorback! 

Ready to catch the football! ha 

Knox getting a hug from Anna, his friend from school!  They get so excited to see their classmates outside of school! 

Superman the birthday boy! 
Thanks for having us!  We had such a good time! 

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