Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beach Day 2

Laying on her stomach to even out her tan! 

My little mini!  Every day she added a new bracelet to her stack because we kept finding more at all of the cute shops! 

A with her Gigi!

Love my girl! 

Do they make baby Tory Burch flip flops?

Nap time! 

The weather was a little cloudy so we went to lunch at Georges and did a little shopping! 

Dinner at Cafe 30A!

Caroline, Gigi, and Ava!

A was not on her best bahavior...  So we ordered her a little Pina Colada to occupy her!  She loved it of course!

Love Cafe 30A!  The Lobster Mac and Cheese with truffles is so yummy!  We ordered Ava grilled fish off the kids menu.  It was thirty dollars and she did not take one bite!  I guess her Pina Colada filled her up! ha

After dinner we went to the Sugar Shak and Ava was in heaven!  She was running around grabbing candy off all of the shelves!  It was pretty funny! 

Two sugar addicts.

Gigi bought her a Sugar Daddy! 

Love this girl and her funny personality!  She makes the funniest little expressions! 


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