Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Taking baby Brooksy on a stroll!  They do this all of the time and every time I laugh! 

He loves stuffed animals and dollys! When he gets sleepy he grabs a blanket and a soft doll and lays on the couch.  Love this boy!

Cheering for the Hogs with their girl Emory!  Silly kids! 

A home run calls for high fives all around! 

When we go to late baseball games I change them into their pj's before we leave the stadium!  Knox usually doesn't make it out of the parking lot before he is asleep! 

I finally got around to hanging all of our pictures!  I love these pictures so much!  I'm going to run out of wall space fast if I keep having their pictures made at this rate! 

Attitude for days!  Her little facial expressions crack me up!  It's normal for a two year old to roll her eyes at you right? ha 

My baby! 

First trip to the big grill at Shogun.  We usually just sit by the bar with the kids and order sushi but I thought they were finally old enough to enjoy the show!  They loved the food but they weren't too sure about the fire.  I tried to be a good mommy and offered to try to catch the shrimp in my mouth that the chef was throwing.  I thought the kids might think it was funny... They thought it was really funny because I got hit in the face about five times with shrimp!  Not one went in my mouth!  Maybe next time! 

This one felt like such a big girl eating with her big girl fork! 

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