Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

Ava and I got a little one on one time several weeks ago.  She had an appointment with a speech therapist to see if she qualified for therapy.  She passed, so no therapy for A!  We ran a few errands after her appointment!  She found a necklace and her sunglasses in my purse and insisted on wearing them in Wal-Mart.  We got a few funny looks! 

Olivia, Chris, and baby Hayes came to visit us!  The kids loved having a baby around the house and so did I!  He was the sweetest little guy!  I missed him as soon as they left! 

One Saturday B and I took the kids to Touch a Truck.  I just knew Brooks would love it! He is so obsessed with trucks and tractors!  Ava was just along for the ride!  

She did get a new hat out of the deal.  

Elmo tattoos!

Checking out the firetruck!

There were a lot of horns honking and sirens going off and that made Brooks a little nervous!  Daddy to the rescue! 

Knox spotted the Tyson chicken and was so excited! He loves mascots! 

We couldn't go to Rogers and not stop at Daddy's favorite store!  Knox helped push the other two to Cabelas! 

Testing out a new chair.

My boys! 

They love each other so much!  They got a little snuggling in while checking out the fish! 

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