Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Two Year Olds

Height-34 inches 50th Percentile
Weight-22.4 lbs 5th Percentile
Head-19 inches 75th Percentile

Height-35 3/4th inches 80th Percentile
Weight-24.4 lbs 10th Percentile
Head-I must have missed this but I think it was the 75th Percentile

Height-35.5 inches 75th Percentile
Weight-25 lbs 12th Percentile
Head-I missed this one too!

As I'm writing this you are actually 2 years and 2 months!  Oh well, better late than never!  I decided I better update this post now before I forget!

Eat-You are all pretty good eaters!  There aren't a lot of things you won't eat.  You usually start every morning with a green smoothie that your dad makes you!  You love them!  For lunch and dinner I try to feed you a fruit, vegetable, protein, and starch.  You love blueberries, bananas, strawberries, oranges, and pineapples.  You also love broccoli, cauliflower, peas, sometimes carrots, salad, green beans, lima beans, really any bean.  You also love hummus and veggie chips, pita bread, macaroni and cheese, tortillas and tacos, gyro meat, meatballs, greek spaghetti, eggs, chicken, salmon, and fish sticks.  For snacks you eat popcorn, chex mix, Popsicle's, and the occasional cookie!  You love cookie and pretty much call any sweet treat a cookie!  Ava and Knox, you are on almond milk only and Brooks still drinks regular organic milk.  You all love almond milk cheese!  I hope you outgrow this milk allergy thing soon!  That doesn't seem to be the case though! I almost thing Ava is getting more allergic.  If she even taste a milk or a milk product now she gets sick!  Oh and you love french fries that you call "Fry fries"  If we pass by chick fil a you all start yelling "fry fries"!  Ha 

Sleep-You are still all such good sleepers although your schedule is a little off this summer!  You are staying up later and sleeping later!  I guess you are all on summer hours!  Lately you have been going to bed around 8 o'clock and waking up anywhere between 8:30-9:30.  Brooks definitely requires less sleep than the other two!  He is always the first one awake.  Knox and Brooks, you both still suck your thumb when you sleep!  Ava, we took your pacifier away and you have had no problems!  Thank goodness!  You are all always ready for nap and bedtimes.  I still just put you in your cribs and you go right to sleep!  When you wake up you I can hear you playing and laughing together so that is how I know it is time to come get you.  Knox, you are the best sleeper and can sleep anywhere!  Brooks, you won't ever sleep in the car or really anywhere other than your crib.  It doesn't matter how sleepy you are! Ava you love sleeping in a big girl bed.  I'm not ready to get rid of your crib yet though!

Tricks-Oh my gosh!  You all do so much now I don't even know where to begin!  Brooks you talk all the time!  You repeat everything!  You talk about tractors and lawn mowers the most!  Oh and Harper and Anna!  You love Harper and Anna!  You also love to tell me what belongs to who, like, "Mommy's Car, daddy's car"  You love Kiki too and talk about her a lot!  Ava you are talking more and more everyday!  Even though you don't have as many words you have never had a problem communicating! Knox you talk we just can't understand what you are saying! You all love to run, jump, and play!  You are so active! You can climb up the swing set ladder and slide all by yourselves.  You also can also drive Ava's Barbie Jeep and the John Deere Tractor.   You are all following directions a lot better than you use to too!  

Bath-You all still love bath time and I still bathe you all together!  Bath time can get a little wild!  You love to splash me and swim in the tub! 

Clothes-I feel like you have all stopped growing!  Ava you have weighed 22lbs for a long time now and the boys seem to be stuck at 24 or 25.  Ava I usually buy you 12-18 month shorts and one piece outfits.  You can even where some 6-12 month shorts and pants.  I usually buy you 18-24 month shirts. You wear a size 7 shoe. The boys wear 12-18 month shorts, 18-24 month pants and 24 month or 2t shirts.  The boys wear a size 8 shoe.  I still buy you a ton of clothes even though I always say I'm going to stop!  It's just so fun!  Knox, you still love shoes and Ava, you have started trying to dress yourself.  

Looks-Ava, your skin is so brown!  If you are in the sun at all you immediately get a tan!  I'm jealous of your pretty skin!  Your hair is getting a little lighter too!  I never thought I would have a blond baby! We still aren't really sure who you look like!  Maybe your dad?  Sometimes a little like me?  You are definitely a combo! You get prettier every day! Brooks, you are also getting cuter everyday!  Your hair is getting so long and curly and I love it!  It's still pretty red, although the more you are in the sun the lighter it gets.  You have the biggest blue eyes and the prettiest full lips! You are so tall and skinny!  We can't keep your pants pulled up!  They always seem to slide down when you are running and playing! You have huge hands and feet too! You are one handsome little guy! Knox, you are still your mommy's twin.  Your hair has gotten a lot longer too!  You have a little comb over look going at the moment but I don't want to cut it!  You look so cute with long hair!  You aren't quite as dark as Ava but you have a pretty tan too! You're a tad shorter than Brooks but not by much!  You have the most muscular little legs!  I think your dad has big plans for you on the field one day!  You are such a cutie and I think you know it!

Teeth-Knox you have 16 teeth, Brooks you have 16, and Ava you have 18.  You are the only one who has gotten any of your two year molars in! I guess girls are always first!

Ava, girls always go first so I will start with you!  You have grown up so much!  I definitely think you have changed the most!  You seriously get prettier every day!  You are a pretty confident little girl too!  Sometimes after you get dressed you stand back and hold your arms out until we tell you how pretty you look! You are such a little stinker!  You are very girly but you still prefer a backwards baseball cap over a bow.  You are going to be such a good mommy one day!  You love to take care of your babies! You feed them, and dress them, and put them to bed when they are tired!  You also stroll them all over our house and make sure the boys don't touch them!  You love real babies too!  I keep telling your dad you need a little sister!  You love your brothers so much and you call them "Boys".  If you wake up before they do you can't wait for us to wake them up!  You love Coco and Layla too and think they are so funny! You are so ready to be a big girl!  You refuse to sit in a high chair anymore.  You also like to sleep in big girl beds.  Every night when it's time to go to bed you sneak in our room and tuck yourself in and pretend to be asleep!  It's pretty funny!  If you weren't such a wild sleeper I would let you sleep with us more often!  You love putting on makeup.  You still love your shoes too!  You switch shoes a million times a day!  You sing a lot too!  If you have your karaoke mic in your hand you belt out some toons!  I still can't believe you got rid of your paci!  You loved it so much but you have done so well without it!  You love school and can't wait for me to take you!  Your always so busy playing when I pick you up!  Gigi is still your favorite person!  You love spending the night at her house! You are growing up so fast!  You are very independent!  You are a little on the bossy side too.  I've had some problems with you lately pointing your finger in my face and telling me "No" and "Dop it"!  Sometimes I want to laugh and sometimes I want to make you "Dop it" and act right!  You are so brave!  You will try anything!  Your brothers can be little chickens!  You are my best swimmer too! We love you to the moon and back sweet A!  

Brooks, you are still the sweetest, kindest, calmest, little guy!  You are just such a good boy!  You talk all of the time!  It's so funny to hear everything you have to say!  You love talking about your mommy, daddy, and Kiki.  You talk about tractors a lot, and daddy's lawn mower, and Poppy's tractor too.  I love that I can finally ask you what you did at school or with your friends! You LOVE going to school!  You get so excited to see your "fwends"  You talk about Anna and Harper the most.  Then probably Hudson and Collin.  You have started singing songs that you learned at school!  Row Row Row your boat, Abc's,  and the wheels on the bus.  It's too cute! You are so smart!  You know all of your colors and can count past ten.  You love to read books and work puzzles too.  Your yellow tractor book is your favorite and we read it every single night! You are the only one that will sit in my lap for hours while we read.  You love wearing hats (thank goodness) and you always have one on your head!  You love playing outside too!  You could swing and jump on your trampoline for hours!  Sometimes you get nervous about trying new things and it can take you a while to warm up to people!  You are our little chicken!  You didn't just love the ocean but you liked playing in the sand!  You are becoming a better swimmer every day!  You do have a little hitting problem but luckily your teachers said you just hit your brother and sister at school.  When you hit at home you have to go to time out and you get pretty mad about that.  It's so out of character for you to hit!  You are usually such a good boy!  I think you just do it to get a little attention!  You give the best kisses and snuggles.  You won't snuggle long because you are usually too busy!  You still LOVE milk.  You could drink it all day every day and never take a bite of food.  You are a good sleeper but you don't sleep as long as the other two.  You are the only one that has never once slept in our bed.  You love your bed and sleep in the exact same spot every single night (head in the corner) and you don't move!  You are a tough little guy and sometimes have a hard time sharing with your brother and sister!  We are working on that though.  You still love watching older kids!  You are obsessed with them!  You are such a skinny little guy!  Tall, strong, and skinny! We love you Brooksy bear!  You make your mommy smile every single day! 

Knox, my wild baby boy!  You are the sweetest funniest guy I know! You make me laugh constantly!  Your theme song should be Poisons, Nothin But a Good Time.  That's the song that plays in my head when I think of you! ha You wake up with a smile on your face (as long as we don't wake you up too early!).  As soon as your feet hit the ground you are off and you don't stop until its times for bed and then you crash!  You love to sleep! You get that from your mommy!  You literally go ninety to nothing all day.  You change your shoes five thousand times, you play with every single toy we own, and you don't walk, you just run..  Everywhere you go!  You also throw monster fits!  If you don't get your way you completely lose it and collapse on the floor and flatten out.  You are super dramatic!  You get that from your daddy! We basically ignore you and let you work out your problems.  You are usually fine after a few minutes!  You talk a lot too but it's so fast it sounds like another language and we can't understand what you are saying!  Occasionally we can though!  You love your brother and sister so much!  You and Brooks are tight!  You have the funniest conversations every night before you go to bed and every morning when you wake up!  You are the kindest little boy.  If your brother or sister wants a toy you have instead of fighting over it you usually just hand it over and move on to something else.  You love your lawn mower and mow the entire house!  You also love playing outside!  You are pretty athletic and you are good at climbing up ladders or jumping on things!  You have some issues with water!  You get very nervous in the pool but you love the splash pad and the ocean.  You also only like taking baths in your own bath tub but you took showers when we were in Florida and you seemed to like it!  You loved the beach once you got use to it!  The sand on your hands bothered you the first day but once you got use to it you loved it!  You are still a neat and tidy guy and you help me clean a lot!  You are still my snugly guy!  As soon as you get sleepy your thumb goes in your mouth and you look for something soft to cuddle.  You love stuffed animals and soft blankets!  Oh and blueberries!  That is your all time favorite food!  We love you so much Knox!  You keeping us laughing! 

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