Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

This summer has flown by!  It's been so fun and we have enjoyed every second!  I spotted school supplies at Wal-Mart last week!  That's when you know summer is coming to an end!  I took most of these pictures over Memorial Day, which to me, is the official beginning of summer.  I can't believe it's taken me that long to post them!  

The water was so cold and Ava was so pale!  ha 

Chris and A singing Happy Birthday to Gigi! 

Gigi celebrated her birthday at the beach so when she got home we had our own little celebration for her! Knox enjoyed the cake and A helped blow out the candles!

A proud little American!

Taking her twins for a stroll.  I'm pretty sure Ava thinks babies come in two's or three's.  

Celebrating Memorial Day at Lyla's with Strawberry shortcake!

She thinks she's drinking a Sprite.  It's Perrier...

Dining al fresco with friends.

Poor A.  The boys just won't leave her stuff alone!  This guy decided to take a little nap in her babies bed.  Things like this drive Ava crazy!  The boys know this and that's why they do it which in turn drives me crazy.  It's a vicious cycle!  

Gigi brought the babies a cake for graduating from swim lessons!  They aren't exactly jumping off the diving board yet but they did improve over the course of the week.   We were all so proud of them! 

Clothes and shoes are optional during summer right?  One night we made a late night yogurt run and A didn't want to wear a shirt so she went topless.  If two out of the three are dressed I feel like I'm doing good! 

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