Monday, July 29, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

Feeding the ducks.  They all allllmost fell in the water.  It made me a nervous wreck!  But they love the ducks and the ducks loved their snack so it was worth it.  

Chatting with the ducks. 

He changes shoes and hats a million times a day.  This is his mowing the yard/carpet outfit.  At least he's color coordinated.  

Enjoying a snack at Sarah's gender reveal party.  Apparently Ava thought Sarah was having a boy.  Nope A!  Your new girlfriend baby Scarlett is on her way.  We can't wait to meet her!

Every night when it's time for bed Ava sneaks in our room and climbs in bed.  If she wasn't such a wild  sleeper I might let her stay! 

I'm working hard to get a bow in A's hair.  This is me showing her how cool bows are.  I think it might have worked! 

We took our little summer camp to the drive through zoo in Gentry!  What you see in this picture is three adults and five kids in the front seat of my car.  It got a little wild! 

Here piggy piggy!

Feeding the pigs and taking a few bites of the bread themselves.  

If we didn't catch a rare wildlife illness it will be a miracle.  Knox wanted to touch all of the animals and then he would stick his thumb in his mouth... yuck! 


A has a new friend Annabelle!  How sweet are they in their little bubbles!

Group pic time!

A holding her pose while the boys got distracted by the lion! 

Checking out a baby monkey on a leash! She loved the animals! 
We had a lot of fun at the zoo!  After we left we stopped at the Wooden Spoon for lunch!  It was pretty tasty! 

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