Friday, July 19, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

I've taken a little break from the blog.  I needed a break!  I think I would quit updating it all together if it wasn't for the guilt!  This is my scrapbook for my kids so I feel like I have to keep going!  I can't post Brooks and Knox's first haircuts and not Ava's, I have to post their two year update, or I can't not record the first time they pee peed in the potty (this still hasn't happened btw!), etc.  I really wish I had the time to type out a few things each day so I would have a record of the cute things they say or the funny things they did!  By the time I get around to writing a post I forget those things!  Since I can't always find the time to wash my hair I doubt updating the blog daily will ever happen! I am going to make an effort to update it more often though and not just write fifty post in one day! We will see how that goes!   

I have one million cell phone pics that I haven't posted on the blog.  I hate to leave them out of the scrapbook of their lives (this blog).  So bear with me family/friends!  If you follow me on instagram these are probably all pictures you have seen before.  

Some days go smoothly, they are easy, are fun and then some days..Not so much!  B made the mistake of calling me during a not so fun day and he got an ear full!  So he came home with flowers and had this song blasting from his cell phone!  Oh, what a jokester you are B!  If I remember correctly I laughed and thought it was funny and then a kid puked on me!  Just another day in paradise! 

I love when one kid wakes up before the other two and we get to play together!  

Ava and I made homemade chocolate chip cookies for our boys one night!  She had so much fun cooking with me and our cookies were pretty yummy if I do say so myself! She was the best taste tester! 

She even helped clean up the mess! Can't beat a helper like that! 

A sweet brotherly hug

Can turn into a headlock and dunk in the water real fast! 

We hosted a fun shower for Emily and baby Vivienne in May.  Morgan outdid herself on the decorations!  They were super cute! We can't wait to meet baby Vivienne!  She needs to hurry up and get here! 

I did a juice cleanse in May.  Nothing but juice for three days.  Surprisingly I really liked it and I think I would do it again!  It made me feel really good and healthy!  

We had lots of park play dates in May before it got too hot.  A few times we ended up in the creek! 

Such a boy! 

Little A isn't afraid to get a little dirty either! She loved playing in the water! 

Ava had pneumonia this spring and was so sick.  She had to go to the doctor several times!  Apparently her doctors visits inspired a new profession!  She gives the boys check ups every once in a while just to make sure they are okay!  They are patient little patients!  

My little chickens!  It was storming outside and they were afraid of the thunder!  I love that they can comfort each other.  They stayed snuggled up on the couch for quite a while.  

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