Friday, July 26, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

My Saturday nights have changed over the years!  Instead of going out on the town we now go for walks and get sno cones! ha We went to Chick fil A for dinner and then took the kids to Lake Fayetteville for a little stroll and finished our night off with our first sno cones of the summer.   It was a pretty fun night!  The kids loved the trail and loved their sno cones!  

I love summer but I love Christmas even more.  Is it sad that I downloaded this app?!  

Kicking off summer camp with a trip to the splash pad!  Knox loves the splash pad! I can't believe that last summer they couldn't even run around.  They just sort of sat on the ground in front of one of the sprinklers.  This summer they are all over the place! 

A little cupcake surprise.  She only eats the icing, no cake! ha

Gangsta Butterfly A..

A little First Thursday fun! 

He kicks his shoes off wherever he goes.  He's just a little laid back guy.  

Daddy and Ava!  A isn't so sure about the puppet show on the square.  

Caroline, Gigi, and I had a spa day to celebrate Gigi's birthday.  It was so much fun and so relaxing!  

Brunching at Little Bread Company after the farmers market.  She sat down and said, "Cheese." 

Laid back enjoying the view...

She moved locations and posed on the steps.  This kid cracks me up! 

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