Monday, July 15, 2013

Easter Morning

Easter morning! 
The big egg hunt started as soon as they got out of bed!  The Easter bunny left a trail of eggs all the way downstairs to their baskets! 

Look how excited this boy is!!  He definitely loved hunting eggs the most! 

He immediately started eating the candy out of his eggs! Holidays are so much fun with three little kids running around! 

The Easter bunny knew just what this boy needed!  A snuggly Elmo!

Ava trying on her new necklace and Knox in the background unable to contain his excitement over his new swim shoes and his Elmo!

Too cool for school in his new shades!

Breaking in to her eggs!

So excited! 

Such a little mess! 

I think the karaoke machine might just be their favorite gift ever.  Ava puts on concerts at least once a day! 

Sometimes she lets Brooks sing a line or two!

Wearing our Easter Best!
Ava's wearing a dress that my mom smocked for Caroline when she was a baby! 

We went to the contemporary service and the babies did much better than I thought they would! Brooks and Ava had to leave a little early and Knox wondered around our seats but other than that were great!  They looked super cute too! ha 

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