Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Birthday Party Decor!

We hosted the babies big birthday party at our house on Saturday.  Thank goodness for pinterest, etsy, Hobby Lobby, and creative/crafty friends!  I couldn't have pulled off any of the decorations without them! 

Our welcome pony!  One of B's friends made the horse and sign out of scrap wood he had, Joseph (well Karrie) let us borrow his saddle from when he was a kid, Lynlee tied a bow around his neck and Allison made the cute sign! Thanks guys! My friends also came over a few nights before the party for a craft night and helped me pull this all together!  The babies and I have such good friends! 

How cute is the wreath Lynlee made?! Thank goodness for artsy friends!

My three outlaws!

Allison made the cute banner and Gigi made most of the sweets!  Everything was really yummy! 

Big Shout out to my dad and Jenny for bringing Burgers, Chicken, Hot Dogs, and beans!  Everything was so good! Everyone seemed to really like the food! 

Cutest cupcake toppers I have ever seen! 

Party Favors!

I borrowed B's boots for the centerpiece! 


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