Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt and we were so excited to go.  It was the kids first time to hunt eggs!  Once they figured out there was candy inside they were so excited! 

I think Ava has grown 4 inches since I took this picture!  Her little bubble looks so big here and she wore it last week and it fit!  So sad! 

On the hunt!

Stopping for a candy break!

Brooks wasn't as interested in the egg hunting but B helped him! He doesn't really like candy or sweets either!  Is he even my kid?! Ha 

They stole some poor kids car and took it for a spin.

Knox was nice enough to share a little candy with his daddy!

Knox is a mess.  He really is.  He's funny, goofy, and just a tad mischievous!  There was a snack table with a plate of cookies and he would take a cookie (and usually take a bite out of it) then toss it in a kids basket and snatch some of their eggs in return.  Several little kids came up to me and told on him!  It was hilarious.  I felt bad for the kids though!  They kept saying, "That little boy just put a cookie in my basket and took some of my eggs." Later, after I got Knox to stop stealing (or so I thought) I was chatting away and Jessica told me Knox was running away.  I turned around and found him sprinting down the street.  He had swiped the biggest basket he could find and he was running away with it! Dropping eggs as he went! I'm not sure where he was going but he was going as fast as he could! 

Posing.  These next pictures remind me of cheesy class pictures from the 80's!

Especially this one! ha 

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