Monday, July 22, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

We did a lot of swimming at my dad's house the past few months!  His pool was warm and ours was ice cold!  We tried to get a little practice in before we started swim lessons!  
Ava is my little fish! 

Brooks and Knox with Bob! 

My Brooksy

Ava and Knox took a little break from swimming to help Jenny plant onions!  Knox had fun digging the little holes! 

Jenny and my little gardener! 

Rinsing off in the outdoor shower!

Several weeks ago Ava took a little spill and hit her two front teeth on the hardwood floor.  They bled for like two days and got pretty loose!   I was scared to death they were going to turn black or fall out!  She had to go to the dentist to have them checked out!  They said there is no way to tell if they will change color.  We just have to wait and see!  So far so good!  Her little buck teeth are still pearly white!    The dentist did tell us she needed to give up the paci because her teeth wouldn't tighten up if she was still sucking on it at night.  So... we quit the paci cold turkey.  I still can't believe it!  The first few days were rough and then she was fine!  So Ava is officially paci free!  

Bunny day at Little Sprouts at the Botanical Gardens!  

 Where's Knox?!  Sitting on the front row learning about the bunnies!  He looked like such a big boy!  

Oh Ava!

Hi Bunny! 

This boy needs a bunny of his own.  He loved them!  

What diseases do bunny's carry?  Knox was petting all of the bunnies and then eating raisins with the same hand... Yuck! ha 

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