Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

Cutest cheerleader I know!  

Popcorn might be his favorite part of the game! And he can't keep his shoes on.  He is barefoot about ninety percent of the time! 

Hanging with Gigi! 

Ava and Cru.  I think they like each other!  He finally came to Arkansas for a visit and got to meet the triplets!  We are still waiting on you to get famous Cru!  Don't forget the little people! 

My funny boys!

We love you Ribby! 

Family Shot!

This girl loves a hat! 

First Farmers Market trip of the year!  We love going to the farmers market on Saturday mornings! We love Pedal Pops too!  Ava just doesn't love the stick in the middle of her pop! ha I get to finish off a lot of her popsicles! 

My boy!

My other boy! 

Brooksy and Gigi! 

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