Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

My boys just hanging out at the Botanical Gardens.  They love running around that place.

On the run! 

Skipping rocks.

Several weeks ago we went to swim lessons with Miss Jillian at Sarah and Jessica's parents pool.  
First day of swim lessons!  The swim teacher could only teach two students so they all had to take turns.  Brooks was still napping when swim lessons started so Ava and Knox got to go first.  

I love this picture!  I love that he wanted to wear goggles.  Especially since he was by far the worst swimmer at lessons.  He took his lessons very seriously though.  

Ready to dive in. 

The next night Brooks got a turn! He did such a good job! 

Really proud of her new skirt! 

We can't go to the farmers market and not get a cookie!  I think it's A's favorite thing about going.  

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