Monday, January 21, 2013

A week of random pictures part 1

The day after our Halloween party we were all exhausted so we skipped school and lounged around in our pajamas all day! It was cozy and fun! 

Love A's hand on her chin!

This is how the boys sleep... Knox

And Brooks!  Brooks sleeps with his head in this corner every single night!

Playing with our corn table!  Brooks loves a good hat!  He wore this bucket on his head until it literally fell apart!  It was a sad day at our house when I had to throw it away! 

The kids are obsessed with the girls next door.  Brandon use to take them outside every evening to play with them while I got dinner ready!  They helped A, B, and K decorate our driveway! 

We had a ghost at our house! (Knox)

One night I didn't have the energy to cook but I wanted to feed the babies vegetables so we loaded them up in their pj's and went to Cracker Barrel!  I have to admit, I actually like Cracker Barrel!  You can do a little shopping while you wait for your table and the veggie plate is my fave!  

Apparently Ava is a fan of the veggie plate too!  How funny are her faces?  She was shoveling food in as fast as she could! 

Maybe my favorite picture ever!  This is the face of a girl who seriously overdid it at the Cracker Barrel!  She just had to back away from the table! ha 

Knox was feeling extra generous and let Ava sit with him and snuggle his blanket.  Usually if you touch his deer blanket he freaks out!  Sweeties! 

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