Friday, January 11, 2013

18 Month Update

I can't believe I have dropped the ball on these monthly posts!  Honestly, they just take so long to type out and I've been lazy! I definitely want to document their stats though!  So this is their 18 month post two months late! 

Length-32.5in 75th percentile
Weight-20.8lbs 5th percentile
Head-18.8 80th percentile

Length-32.8 60th percentile
Weight-22.5 5-10th percentile
Head-18.8 50th percentile

Length-32.2 50th percentile
Weight-22.2 5-10th percentile
Head-18.8 50th percentile

I snapped a few pictures of Ava at their appointment! If I remember correctly, I took them to their check up all by myself.  Not sure what I was thinking!  Especially since they had to get a few shots! Ava was eating a little snack to keep her quiet and add a few extra lb's before she stepped on the scales!   I think the boys were strapped in the wagon!

Doing a little dance in her silver shoes.  

Eat-Some days they eat a ton and some days they just pick around their food.  I guess I would say they are pretty good eaters though.  They will try anything.  Breakfast is usually mini omelets, Greek yogurt blueberries, bananas, oatmeal, raisin toast, or waffles.  For lunch and dinner there is really no telling what they will eat!  I try to feed them a fruit, veggie, protein, and starch.  They love chicken nuggets, all fruit (except raspberries) dipping things, hummus, quasadillas, meatloaf, chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese, cheerios, goldfish, green beans, mac and cheese, pasta, peas, broccoli, pb&j, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, granola bars, carrots, ham, pizza, french fries, veggie chips.  That's all I can think of right now.  I try to feed them as much organic and home cooked food as I can!  They can be picky occasionally.  One day they will love something and the next day they won't touch it.  It's really hilarious to watch them eat.  If Ava doesn't feel like eating her peas she will pass them all down to Knox, etc.  They pass food constantly.  It actually works out well for me because we don't have a ton of leftovers.  If they don't want something they just move it down to the next person.. I think blueberries , Greek yogurt, and baby food veggie pouches are their favorite foods at this time.  I got a new vitamix blender for Christmas so they have been sampling smoothies too!  They really like them! 

Sleep-They are still great sleepers!  They go to bed every night at 7:15 on the dot.  The boys still sleep with their sound machine (rain is their favorite sound) and we have recently added a night light because Brooks was getting upset every night when we put him in bed.  I think my baby was afraid of the dark! He turns his turtle light on every night and he is fine! We still just put the boys in bed and walk out of the room! Ava still gets her paci in bed and she loves going to sleep for that reason!  She also likes to be tucked in tight!  I basically swaddle her in about three blankets and she pushes her head into the bumper pad then goes to sleep! ha Gigi got her a night light too so she wouldn't be afraid of the dark!  They wake up every morning around 8:30!  They always wake up so happy!  I love to hear the boys talk to each other on the monitor! They go down for their nap at 12:30 and sleep until 3:30-4.  Sometimes 5 if I'm lucky!  I always put the boys down for their nap first and Ava comes with me.  She stands at the door and says "Bye Boys" "Night Night" and then she blows them kisses.  I have no clue where she got this but I love it!  Sometimes I hold her up so she can give them real kisses!  They love it!  They wave bye to her too!   So that is our current sleep situation!  They have still never slept in our bed!  Not one night!  Last week Knox busted his lip and I think it was hurting him so I let him lay in bed with me.  It was a Friday night so B was at work.  By 10 o'clock I was exhausted and fell asleep!  When B got home after midnight he said Knox and I were both asleep!  Knox was taking up half of the bed so he had to be moved! 

Tricks-This is always the hardest category for me to fill in!  They learn so many new things every day it's almost impossible to keep up with it all! The boys have started to talk a ton.  Ava is definitely a little behind them!  She just points and yells when she wants something!  I think the word she says more than anything is "Shoes".  She talks about shoes constantly and wears a different pair every five minutes!  She's very opinionated on her clothes already! I'm not sure how many words the boys can say but they talk a lot.  It's very hard to understand but they seem to know what they are saying!  They have started saying "Sissy" which I kind of hate! ha I try to tell them her name is Ava!  Hopefully that will stick!  They are getting a lot better at telling me what they want or need.  Ava always says "Uh Oh" if she has poo poo.  If only she would tell me before she goes! Santa brought them a potty but so far there has been no interest in that! The boys (mainly Brooks) love to play basketball and t-ball.  It's crazy how far he can hit the ball.  They climb on everything and they say "Uh Oh" probably one thousand times a day! They love to get out of the house and they wait at the door when they are ready to go! They play with their kitchen constantly!  Ava has turned into a little mommy!  She loves her baby dolls!  She gives them bottles and pacifiers all of the time!  She likes to walk in her high heels too!  They have all learned how to climb up the ladder on their swing set and go down the slide.  That can be a little scary!  They love to play outside.  They love to pretend to talk on  my phone and they have gotten really good at working the phone!  Brooks has even learned how to send texts and instagram! ha  If you can catch them at the right moment they will show you where most of their body parts are.  Usually they just ignore me when I ask!  They have really started playing together (and sometimes fighting) more recently.  Knox usually minds his own business and does his own thing but Brooks and Ava have had a few little brawls!  They seem to always want the same thing at the same time!  They are really so much fun right now and they are learning new things every day! 

Bath-They still love bath time!  Santa brought them bubble bath and color drops for the tub!  They love them!  They all say "bubbles" and point to the bottle every time they get in the tub! I love to watch them play together!  It's really the cutest thing!  They scrub each others hair and give lots of kisses!  They try to lay down and swim too!  It's going to be a sad day when they don't all fit in the tub together! I can say, "Let's go take a bath" and they run and wait outside the bathroom door! Knox is terrified of any bath tub other than his own.  Like screams, cries, completely flips out! He won't bathe in our tub upstairs, at Gigi's, anywhere!  He's going to be one stinky kid when we go on vacation! ha He might just have to bathe in the ocean! I have no idea where this phobia came from but I really hope he gets over it fast!  

Clothes-The skinny minnys are getting harder to fit!  Their jeans are either long enough but big in the waist or short and fit!  I would say they all wear 24 month clothes, Ava can probably get away with 18-24 month.  They all wear a size 6 shoe.  They seem to have outgrown all of their shoes at once! 

Looks-Ava is still our little tan blue eyed baby!  I guess her blue eyes are here to stay! I still think she is a little combo.  Sometimes she looks like her daddy and sometimes I think she looks like me!  She is finally getting a little hair but it is very thin, fine, and all over the place! Brooks is my little white baby!  His hair is still pretty red but some days it looks more blond.  I can't wait to see what color it will be when he is older!  He has the brightest blue eyes!  Everyone says he looks like B because of his coloring but I don't really see it!  We say he is our little white Greek baby! He has the cutest curly hair that I never plan on cutting!  I love it!  He is very long and lean but a little muscular for a baby.  Knox still looks exactly like me with B's mouth.  His hair is getting a lot thicker!  He even had his first hair cut recently!  There is no denying who he belongs to!

Teeth-Ava and Brooks each have 16 teeth and Knox is a little behind with 12.  I'm hoping we are done with teething for a while! 

Ava, you are sweet, sassy, dramatic, funny, opinionated, bossy, and beautiful!  We love you! 

Brooks, you are so sweet, kind, funny, determined, athletic, a little stubborn, and just all boy!  We love you!

Knox, you are very independent, cuddly, funny, spunky, a tad dramatic, and such a mamas boy! We love you too!

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