Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gingerbread House Making

We had a fun little family night a few weeks ago!  B brought home dinner, KFC..his choice obviously, and we decorated a gingerbread house!  Knox was so excited! 

Ava was pretty excited too! I think she knew she was getting to do something special! 

I love Ava's focus in this picture!  B was a little more opinionated about the decorating than I thought he would be!  He was adamant about the back of the house having bushes! ha The babies did a good job at first and then...

They started shoving candy in their mouths as fast as they could! ha

Full little cheeks!

"What?  I'm not eating any candy!"

 Our house was a complete disaster! The carpet was covered in sprinkles and icing, the babies were running around hyped up on sugar, and my house smelled like fried chicken! ha  I eventually put the hyper kids to bed, cleaned the house, and took over the decorating duties!   

The front!

Back (Please note B's bushes)

Side view
I already have some ideas for next year's house!  I think I'm going to do a house on my own and B and the babies can have their own! ha 

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