Friday, January 18, 2013

First Game!

Obviously these pics are so old but I had to document their first Razorback game! They actually made it in the stadium this time!  I honestly can't even remember what game this is though....

I love this picture!  Knox was so excited he finally got to get in on the tailgating action!  He wore his red boots for the occasion! 

Brooksy got a good view of the crowd!

Snacking and tossing the ball around!

He's going for a touchdown!  He was all over the place! 

Ava my little cheerleader!

Practicing her cheers with Karrie!

Then deciding she would rather have a cookie!


Gigi always has her hands full when the babies are around! 

Our friend Annabelle stopped by!  She is such a sweetie and wanted to share her drink with Knox!

Family shot!

He lasted five seconds in the car!  Tailgating and cheering on the Hogs is just hard work! 

Chris went to the game with us and brought his camera!  It was like we had our own photographer to document the kids first game! 

Brooks was in awe!  This little boy loved watching the game!  He was so good! Really they all were!  They just sat down and watched!  We didn't even have to make a trip to the concession stand!  We made it all the way through half time!  I think we could have stayed longer but I didn't want them to skip their nap all together and I knew a meltdown could happen at any second!  I have a feeling we are going to be taking them to lots of games next year! Hopefully the games will be a little more fun to watch! 

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