Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bennett's PJ Party!

Bennett had a Christmas pajama party!  
Doesn't Ava look thrilled to take a picture with her mommy?  I think she's already too cool for me!  She insisted on wearing her necklace and pink slippers to the party.  

There's my happy girl! 

Checking out the scene! 

Brooks was so excited about the bounce house!  It was such a beautiful day! The perfect weather to bounce! 

The bounce house can get a little rough so Ava watched a lot from the sidelines! 

Knox and Miller doing a little coloring!  Allison made the kids the cutest coloring sheets with their names!  Knox was in heaven!  I don't give them crayons very often!  I have a fear my whole house will be covered in crayon if I do! 

Brooksy taking a juice break with our host!

Knox was fascinated by baby Ella!  He kept peeking in her carrier!  She's such a cutie!
Group Picture!  Brooksy is on the front row with Margot.  

The party was so much fun!  Thank you so much for having us Sarah! I didn't get a group picture of the kids at the party so when we got home I decided to snap a few! 

This girl gets funnier and sillier every day! 

Love a monogrammed booty!

The sweetest boy! 

Silly babies!

Love this!  Maybe my new favorite picture! 

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