Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christina's Wedding Weekend!

Friday night the whole family went to the rehearsal for the wedding!  

Walker with my cute little flower girl!  PS-She picked out her own shoes

She was feeling pretty cute in her leopard and pink glitter shoes! 

Ava and mommy!

This is about how Brooks acted walking down the aisle at the actual wedding too!  ha Wild man!

My handsome boy in his blazer!
Ava with the bride to be! 

B and I dropped the kids off at home with a sitter and had a little date night at the rehearsal dinner! It was at mermaids!

The day of the wedding the babies were home with a sitter while I had my hair and makeup done!  It was so nice to be pampered and hang out with girls all day!  I don't have any pictures from the wedding but Chris snapped these during the family picture time! 

My handsome boys!

Love this!


My little princess!  She did such a good job at her second wedding!  She actually made it down the aisle this time! Knox did a pretty good job too!  Brooks went down the aisle kicking and screaming! ha I'm hoping by Caroline's wedding they will be old pro's! 

The Catsavis cousins

Caroline, Cali, and me!

Christina's reception was gorgeous!  It looked like something out of a magazine! 
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Bechtel!  Thanks for including us on your special day! 

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