Monday, January 14, 2013

First Pedi!

Aunt Karrie invited Ava to get pedicures with her and Estelle!  Ava was so excited about her special girls day!  

This is her excited face!  We talked about it a lot on the ride there! 

Estelle went first to show Ava how it was done!

Ava picked out her favorite color!  Pink! (Actually she picked out green I think but I redirected her to the pink shades! ha) 

She was very curious about the whole thing!  She watched the entire time while she waited her turn! She wasn't a big fan of sticking her feet in the water so we decided to just do a polish change! 

My big girl getting her first official pedicure!  I didn't take a picture of her finished toes because my phone died but they looked pretty cute! 
Thanks for inviting us Karrie and Estelle!

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