Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Santa Train Cell Phone Pics

These are a few pictures I snapped with my cell phone when we were on the Polar Express! 

Ava loved her cookie!

We broke out the leashes for the first time!  Hilarious!  The boys didn't know what to do!  

Ava is such a little sweety!  She blew Santa kisses as he was telling us bye! 

4/5ths of our little family!

I love these boys!  I love their matching North Face jackets too! Maybe I should get B pj's with his name on the booty so they could really match! 

Auntie Carol! 

Love em!

Leopard on leopard on leopard on pink....  Oh Ava!

Eating a cookie as big as his face!

Definitely one of my fav pictures ever.  Love this little happy guy!  He was so excited about his bell from Santa!

We are now the proud owners of ten Polar Express mugs! 

I could eat him up!

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