Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I'm so behind on blogging that I never write about the little funny things that happen because by the time I get around to it I've forgotten them all!  I need to be better about that because I think those are the things I will want to read in a few years!  I won't forget the big things like Holidays and Birthdays but I will forget the crazy random Tuesdays and what the babies said or did!  I didn't really make any New Years Resolutions so maybe that can be one of them, to be better about recording the little things that happen in our lives!

I guess I will start today!

Yesterday, Monday, we had plans to go to the library.  I got the babies up and ready and loaded in the car.  We got to the library and realized it was closed.  Sooo we went to Barnes and Noble instead and we had our own little story time with Bennett and Noah.  It was a little chaotic to say the least.  My kids were everywhere!  Brooks would not stay with the group and kept running off to play with the legos with the older kids.  I probably should have just gone home after Barnes and Noble but instead we all went to eat lunch at Panera.  Five kids and four adults (Jessica met us and didn't have her kids).  It should have been easy.... but nothing is ever as easy as it should be right?  Knox refused to sit down and eat, which I was fine with.  He basically just ran around our table.  He has been on a no eating kick lately.  Ava and Brooks sat in their high chairs and literally cleaned their plates!  Two eating out of three isn't bad!  I didn't even order food because I knew it would be too hectic to eat it.  We were wrapping up lunch when I looked at Ava and realized she was about to start throwing up.  Since I've had kids I've developed cat like reflexes and was ready for the puke.  I held her plate up and managed to catch it all.  This is nothing new for Ava.  She has had a "sensitive gag reflex" since she was born and it's really bad if she has a runny nose or if she drinks milk or eats yogurt etc...  I tried not to make a big deal out of it and just picked her up and started cleaning her up.  Then she started again.  All over me and all over the floor.  I wish I had picked up my phone and snapped pictures of the peoples faces around me.  Even other mom's in the restaurant were horrified.  They should understand right?! Although, I probably would have been grossed out too! ha I wanted to yell out "Don't worry!  It's not a stomach virus!  Just a sensitive gag reflex" Instead I undressed her and carried little naked A out to the car covered in vomit while my friends cleaned up the mess and brought the boys out to my car!  While I was cleaning out my car, starting laundry, and trying to get the kids down for a nap I got a text from Sarah that said something along the lines of, "Tell Ava we hope she feels better soon...You are super mom."  I had to write back and tell her that I am not super mom at all!  I just have super friends!  It takes real friends to clean up your kids puke, wipe their noses, carry them all over place for me!  Someone seriously always has one of my kids in their arms!  I am very lucky to have such great friends!  There is no way I could do this triplet thing without them!  I was hoping the rest of the afternoon would be low key but instead Brooks refused to nap so I had a little helper with me for the rest of the afternoon while the other two slept!  Then Gigi came over and took Ava to the dr because she thought she had an ear infection (Which she did!  Thank goodness Gigi is on top of things!) while I cooked dinner and started baths etc.  Then B was nice enough to put the babies to bed so I could sneak off to watch the bachelor at Karries and blow my diet on the best chocolate chip cookies that she made!  

Today, B took the boys to school and the dogs to the vet, while Ava and I hung out at the house.  Basically all I accomplished was a shower (which sadly is an accomplishment) and we did a little light cleaning around the house.  Then we ran an errand with Nini and it was time to pick up the boys!  Didn't get much crossed of the to-do list today!  During naps I did get to have lunch with friends and catch up on what every one's been up to and I made a quick trip to Target where I bought the boys another bathing suit and Ava a dress she probably doesn't need!  I have a serious problem with Target.  I can't go in without coming out with something! Lately it's been bathing suits for the kids!  I wanted to get Ava makeup to put in her Valentine's basket but I ran out of time!  Now I'm at home.. I need to go to the grocery store in a bad way (we are out of milk and dog food, and a ton of other things) but B informed me he will be home late so the store might have to wait until Thursday when I get another break!  Thank goodness for Mothers Day Out!  I hear them stirring so I guess it's time to start dinner and baths!

A friend told me today that when she gets frustrated with her kids she just thinks about all that she is blessed with and thankful for.  I really need to start taking that approach!  Instead, I usually yell something like "Please shut your mouths" or I've gotten really good at the ignoring approach!  Or sometimes I just laugh!  Like today when Ava literally shoved Brooks across the room so I put her in time out.  As soon as she got out of the corner she ran up to him and pushed him again!  This happened three times until they both just started laughing hysterically!  Nothing upsets me more than when they are not nice to each other.  For the most part they get along great but every once in a while we have little issues over toys and things like that!  I've decided I need to nip this behavior in the bud now because nothing would upset me more than if they were mean or hurtful to other kids!  I would not be a happy mommy!

Today was gorgeous so we spent the morning at the park with our friends!  I'm planning on cooking dinner for the first time in weeks and then watching one of my favorite shows Nashville! Oh and if you haven't watched Homeland please do yourself a favor and start watching it now!  It is so freaking good!  I seriously don't know if I will be able to wait until September 29th to watch it again! 

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Keri said...

Girl you ARE a super mom! I'm so impressed by all the things you do all the time! I only have one child and don't get all the things accomplished that you do! I too have an addiction to Homeland! I don't know how I will be able to wait until September for the next season!!!!