Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LIbrary fun!

Before Christmas and before the flu outbreak scare we met Noah at the library for story time!  We have started going to the older kids class that is technically for two year olds!  It starts later than the infant class which is better for me and it's a lot less chaotic which is better for the babies!  Less sippy cups for the kids to steal and less paci's for Ava to swipe!  The babies actually do very well in the class (especially if they have a snack).  I've even started taking them by myself!  I hope the library people don't mind me wheeling my wagon in!   

A little photo session after class!  I would love to know what Noah and Knox are laughing about!  

Trying to break out!

Ava loves all social functions!  She likes to dance and explore! 

It always takes Brooks a little while to warm up so he usually starts the class sitting in my lap, which I love.  By the end of the class he is up singing with everyone else though! 

Knox is a singing/dancing machine!  Story time is right up his alley! 
Hopefully we can start going back to the library again soon!    

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