Monday, January 7, 2013

The Polar Express

I had the bright idea to take the babies to Branson to ride on the Polar Express!  I drug B, Caroline, and Gigi along for the ride!  We left at nap time with hopes that the babies would sleep in the car on the way to Branson.  That didn't happen!  I think Knox slept for 45 minutes, Ava for 20 minutes, and Brooks for about 5 minutes.  My kids are use to 3-4 hour naps!  When we made it to the train they were still in pretty good moods!  I think all of the people and the excitement kept them occupied and happy! 

It was snowing when we got on the train!  How neat is that?!

All aboard!

Knox (still wearing his leash) and Caroline boarding! 

This girl loves a hat and her leopard jacket (that's a 6-12month!)

I have been on a hunt for red union suits for a month now!  Gigi finally found some at Academy sports!  They even had pink for Ava!  Jennifer monogrammed them for me in a hurry and dropped them off ten minutes before we left for Branson! I thought they turned out pretty cute! 

Brooks waved to all of the passengers as they got on the train! 

Love this boy! 

Thank goodness for snacks! I think that's the only thing that got us through! 

Ava getting a little snuggling in with Gigi!

Gigi was prepared with suckers! Thank goodness!  

Love this boy!! The Polar Express has it all figured out!  I think they passed out a hundred cookies! The cookies definitely helped to keep the kids happy and quiet! Brooks looks a little confused!  I don't think he could believe his luck!  He usually doesn't get so many cookies! 

Ava cracks me up!  She started dipping her cookie in her hot chocolate!  I have no idea where she learned this!  Her little whipped cream lip is too cute too! 


My boys having a little chat! I would love to know what Brooks was trying to say!

Aunt Caroline!

Ava turning up her hot chocolate! ha 

Love this little goofy girl! ha

Santa was on our train!  He passed out bells too! Ava was like, "Really?  It's for me Santa?"

I love this picture!  Ava was so excited! Apparently as long as Santa doesn't touch Ava she loves him!  

Hi Santa!

Family Picture time!

The bells might have been bigger hits than the cookies and hot chocolate! I'm sure the people around us were cussing Santa for giving my three wild kids bells! 

This boy loves a bell! 

After the train ride we thought we would go to dinner but the kids were tired and wild so we picked up Happy Meals to eat on the road!  It was a quick, fun, wild trip!  If we do it again I will definitely plan on spending the night! 

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