Monday, January 28, 2013

Sick House

It's a good thing that I am way behind on blogging because I would have nothing to post otherwise.  I feel like we haven't left the house in weeks!  I guess we really haven't!  The babies had a flu like illness that lasted an entire week.  They all had almost 105 fever!  Two of them tested negative for the flu but I'm starting to think the test had to have been wrong!  I hate to even say that we are finally on the mend because I know as soon as I do someone will get sick again.  I feel like we are all well but actually Ava went to the dr yesterday and has an ear infection and they all have runny noses.  "Well" these days just means no fever and no stomach virus! ha  I really feel like we have been sick since October!  I think I go to the dr's office at least once a week!  This has to end soon right???!!!!  

They haven't been to school in like three weeks!  I think they miss it because they have been climbing in their baby's wagon a lot!  They are ready to go! 

Sarah brought Ava a little surprise one night!  She brought her Popsicles and a balloon!  This was seriously the first time she had smiled all day! Thanks Greers! 

Ava goes a little stir crazy in the house like her mommy!  While she was sick she wore the same outfit every single day and threw a fit if we tried to take it off of her!  She wore her brothers navy warm up suit, their black North Face fleece jacket, and their moccasin slippers.  She looked like a little boy!  We knew she was better when she grabbed her leopard purse and put on her pink slippers!  My girly girl was feeling like her prissy self again! 

Another attempt to get out of the house!  This day she stood at the door and kept telling me "Go go!"  If I remember correctly a boy (maybe Brooks) was still sick so there was no going!  That's the bad thing about them being sick.  One gets sick but its a least a week or two until everyone in the house is over it because they never get sick on the same day!  When a virus hits our house we are stuck inside for weeks!  
Spring can't get here fast enough!  I have visions of us all playing in the pool, having picnics, and everyone being well!  Hurry up Spring!

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