Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 2 at the Beach! Sunday..

The kids were up bright and early!  They loved eating their vacation cereal, Fruit Loops!  Now that we are home they ask for them all of the time! ha Sorry kids, Cheerios until next year! 

The sun was bright out there! ha 

We had a good day on the beach!  Knox was still a wild man in the ocean, we ate hot dogs for lunch and went in that afternoon to get ready to go out!  Knox fell asleep on the couch at 5 so B and I took the other two down early to play and to take some pictures!

Love this girl!

Brooks loves her too!

I love how A poses herself! ha 

This girl loves her daddy!

When did my babies get so big!

Balloon animal time!

Brooks got a sword and Ava got a pink puppy! 

That night we went to dinner at V! It was yummy.  We sat on the patio and Knox pulled down his pants and pee peed in front of everyone eating on the patio.  Brooks then walked right into Knox's stream of pee... We are literally like the traveling circus sometimes!  They were probably ready for us to leave...
Another great night at the beach! 

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