Thursday, October 23, 2014


Someone wants to be just like his daddy! 

This one too!

We had all of our friends over to swim one day!  Everly and Jennifer came and she took her first dip in the pool! 

I can't remember how many kids were there but there were a ton.  I think they outnumbered the adults!

The kids love a good pool party! 

Vivi turned one and we went to her tea party birthday party to celebrate her!  Ava was so excited because no boys were allowed! 

Happy Birthday Vivi!

This girl loves a party!

I think Ava wore this dress for two weeks straight!  She has started waking up and going directly to her closet to get dressed.  Then she comes and wakes us up..  It's always a surprise to see what she will be wearing! 

Teeth cleaning time! 
Ava's in the no cavity club!

Brooksie too!

Knoxie too! They did great during their checkups! They love the dentist!

We borrowed Gigi's jeep for several weeks this summer and took lots of rides!  We love the jeep! 

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