Monday, October 6, 2014


Girls Day!  The week of A's birthday we met Madeline for dinner and pedi's!  


Pink Sparkles of course!

We went to Shogun and the girls got to sit at the hibachi grill!  I love the look on Madeline's face when they lit the fire! ha 

They brought out a special birthday dessert for Ava!  

They loved it!

After dinner the girls got up and preformed let it go for the entire restaurant! ha 

This is what happens when I try to sew.... I was sewing bunnies on Easter shirts for the kids and I accidentally sewed the shirt together...

Ava did a little shopping at our garage sale one morning! 

After dinner one night we went down to the river to throw rocks and watch the canoes. 

This was obviously a spur of the moment trip! We didn't even bother changing out of our pi's! 

Just Ava being bossy! ha 

Aunt Lauren and Londyn sent us a new puppet theater for the kids third birthday!  We have put on lots of performances! 

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