Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 5, Wednesday

Wednesday morning was a little overcast so we went to Charlie's to get donuts!  We had a little picnic on our patio! 

We love donuts!

This was my first cup of coffee in over thirty days! It was worth taking a picture of! 

We played soccer on the green later that morning.  We had to stop and get a new ball too! 

Love her!

Just posing! 

We had lunch at Wild Olives and Ava spotted an ariel mermaid floatie swimsuit outfit that she just had to have!  Of course Gigi bought it for her!  She was so excited and wanted to carry her own bag! 

We went to the beach and built a deep tunnel!  It was hard work! 

Someone was feeling sassy in her new ariel suit! 

Brooksie is such a hard worker!

Just swimming in the ocean by himself!  He kept telling us he wanted to do it all by himself! Mr Independent!

Knox is three going on 16.

I could not love this picture anymore! 

Breaking it down at the concert before dinner! These three love to dance! 

We went to dinner at La Cocina and then went to the concert at Alys Beach.  It was so fun!  The kids love a good outdoor concert! 

Ice cream time!

How cute is this face?  And how pretty is the sunset?!

Love this boy and his curly hair!

Our night got cut short after Brooks ran full speed into 30A during the concert!  Thank goodness a mom grabbed him before he ran out into traffic.  She said she was a mom of twins so she understood! 

Selfie Queen! 

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